Saturday, March 20, 2010

I'm Fairly Certain, If I Knew Then What I Know Now: Repainting My Kitchen Cabinets- Part Two

If I was a religious person, I'd be praying to god right now. I'd say "Dear Baby Jesus, please save me from myself. XO Love, Kristina"

IMG_0907 copy

This is how I left my kitchen tonight. I know you're thinking "Oh, it looks like it's almost done!" You'd be right if only I didn't have another coat to put on all of the doors, and then I have to rehang the doors and Polycrylic them.

My body is screaming at me to chill the F out. My right hand is dead. So dead that I'm dropping things out of it. I don't need to hold that glass of wine anymore..boom, my hand fails me and wine goes everywhere.

 I'm not a drinker either but this whole project makes me want to become a lush and start smoking again. STRESSES. ME. OUT.

The  to top it all off,  I decided to take my trusty Jigsaw to some of the doors I want to make into glass doors. Seems fine until I decided to purchase a Router. Routers are totally up my alley, but what isn't up my alley is when the bit comes loose and nearly destroys the front of my cabinet door.

I here I am. It's 10:06 PM on a Saturday night. I'm typing with my left hand, I'm looking at a empty wine glass and SNL isn't even new tonight.

Pray for me.


Catherine Hansen Peart said...

I am so thinking of you! I have done a couple of projects where I really wished I hadn't started when I was about half way through. Would it help to know about all the ooh's and aah's you will get when you are done?? Would it also help to know that this will make you laugh about it for years to come?? Hmmm, I didn't think so.... *hug*

Liz said...

Your poor hand!! That sucks! I agree with Catherine, at least you'll have a great story...someday. :) I still think you're a rock star for tackling it in the first place!

~ Liz

Averill said...

Ugh. You're a brave one, Kristina, to tackle repainting cabinets! I'm always shocked how long it takes to paint wood -- so many coats/steps...drives me nuts!

Best of luck and be sure to show us the well-deserved "after" pics!

mishebe said...

lol. had that moment. i feel for you.