Monday, December 21, 2009

Holy Crapola!

Seriously. Is it just me, or is Christmas only 3 days away?

OK I know. I've been slacking. I'll just be honest. I'm not motivated lately. The hutch has been built, but I need to go out and sand it down. Then I can somehow bribe ask my husband to help me drag it's heavy ass into the house where I can paint it in the warmth of my house and not in a 27 degree garage where the paint would never dry.

Here's a sneak peak.

November 09 010 (2)

So, please know I'm not avoiding you. Life has just been kinda busy and as you can probably tell, I'm not into Christmas this year. So I feel like I'm being forced into Christmas and I don't wanna! With that being said, I'm still lacking two gifts and I'm tempted to just go buy some gift cards at the drug store's little gift card kiosk. Ugh, I'm just so not into it.

Please hang in there! I'll be back at the first of the year with some new stuff when things slow down.

In the meantime know I love you and happy holidays :)


Annabelle said...

You have company! I haven't been motivated to do anything lately either. And I am SO not into Christmas this year. We didn't even put up our tree. And everyone got gift cards. I hung my winter wreaths on the doors so we don't look like Scrooges next to the decorated neighbors. If Christmas was in a few months, maybe I'd be ready for it then! :)

Queen Bee said...

Crap! 3 days??? Good thing I fianlly got my tree decorated today...
Good luck with the painting!

Averill said...

I totally understand...this season has been crazy. And no, I can't believe it's almost Christmas. I've been so terrible about getting things together this season (holiday cards, gifts, everything).