Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Got the 6 Month Itch

Maybe you noticed, but I took off the old header. Matter of fact, I lost ever piece of this blog when my PC crashed about 6 weeks ago. I didn't back up my blog images like my husband advised me to. Opps!

So, because I'm restless, I'll probably be changing things up again. Lucky for you, I have to make all new material! I don't have the old stuff to work off of!



Jane said...

Ugh...there's nothing more frustrating than when your computer er' life crashes! I've been there! And your new "simple" blog design looks great!

jane @ Finding Fabulous

Liz said...

Love the new look! Wow, so sorry that you lost everything - that is terrible!!

~ liz

Averill said...

How frustrating to lose everything! I think I'd have a full-on melt down.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Kristina!
I found myself at your blog today while blog hopping. I am so thrilled. I feel you have lots to share.

Especially after seeing you want cowboy boots, a serger and a table saw. It tells me you might like country/southwest. You sew and you like doing woodwork. I love all three. I am always looking for someone new to share with.

I really love the pink satin looking pillow that you had in your chair. I love seeing things and then trying to recreate them.

Although it is a shame that you lost your header, I believe that sometimes it is really a nice idea to recreate something. I change my header and blog with the seasons. I just added Fall and after Thanksgiving will be changing to Winter. It's almost like cleaning house.

I have signed up to follow your blog. I cannot wait to see what you share next. Please pop over and say hello. I would be honored to have you follow my blog as well.

Country hugs, Sherry

Kristina with a K said...

I haven't done anything yet. Working on it tho!!

Yeah it was one of those feels that I thought I was about to throw up. When he said "Cannot recover your c:\"