Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Long Overdue Awards!

Because I am a horrible blogger {and partly scatter-brained} I always forget about blog awards. I've received one already from Momma Mitchie at Momma Mitchie's Blog and another from Jane at Finding Fabulous

So while it's fresh on my mind, I'm going to dish out my own blog awards!

We'll do the "One Lovely Blog Award" Momma Mitchie awarded me in July {yes, I said JULY!} Thank you Momma Mitchie!

The other lovely aware I received was the "Honest Scrap Award" from Jane. Thank you Jane!!

As a part of the award, I have to share 10 honest things about myself. Since you guys already know everything about me, this might be hard! But here goes:

1. I hate musicals. If there is singing in a movie, I'm out.
2. When I was little, I thought I was related to someone named "Niagara Falls" My maiden name is Falls. I had no idea it was a place, not a person.
3. I recently quit smoking. I'm on my 7th week.
4. I am a Great-Aunt 6 times over.
5. I like babies, but don't want one for myself. And please, I know my mind won't change.
6. When I was in Preschool, my Grandma used to give me a cup of coffee while I watched She-rah, before I went to school. I love that coffee taste/smell.
7. I do not own a pair of shorts because I hate my legs.
8. I have a hard time telling someone what they want to hear. If you ask me what I think about your new okra colored skirt, I'm likely to tell you it's ugly. I'm very straight forward and honest. Some find it endearing.
9. I don't wear lipstick because it tastes funny.
10. I had never tried Chocolate Milk until 2 years ago. I'm Diabetic! There's never been a reason to try it. Now I love it.

I'm going to take a risk here and maybe this is bad blog etiquette. But I'm going to combine the two awards, and list 10 blogs that I love to read. Two birds with one stone right? Call it the "One Honestly Lovely Scrap Blog Award(s)"

Happy Together
Hitting My Stride
Gingham Cherry
So Alaurable
It's Great To Be Home
My Rambling Thoughts
In the Mommy Trenches
The Rantings of a Drama Queens Mum
Raising Colorado
Pink and Polka Dot



Catherine Hansen Peart said...

Wow, thanks for mentioning me! I did a double take there.... BTW, I am with you on number 7.

The Rambler said...

Thanks for bestowing the One Honestly Lovely Scrap Blog Award(s)!!

And seriously...are you my husband? Cause the musical thing and the telling it like it is thing is so him. :)


Liz said...

Thanks chickie!! :) P.S. - I'm with you on number 7, or at least I'm getting there - these babies aren't what they used to be! :)

Kristina with a K said...

You are welcome guys! And I'm glad I'm not alone on #7. All I need to do is put forth a little effort. But I hate to that's that! Ha!

The French Bear said...

I applaud your honesty and laugh at the truth of it!!!!
Margaret B