Thursday, September 24, 2009

Kitten Scratch Fever!

Last Thursday, my Mother took me to The Factory in Downtown Franklin to show me her "baby." She's on the Williamson County Arts Council and she chaired a neat project about recycling old hubcaps.

I've heard about these hubcaps for months, so I had to finally see them in person.

This one is my Mommas!

Local artist buy the hubcap, create their art on it then donate it back to the Landfill Art Project
where their hubcaps will be added to a huge reclamation exhibit.

Kinda cool huh? I figured I'd give it a quick plus in case any locals are reading...

ANYWAY, I'm trying to explain why I am at The Factory, which leads up to my story.

As we're eating lunch she mentions that Happy Tails {a no-kill animal shelter} is right around the corner. Well, you know me, I've got to at least go in.

The moment I walk into the "Over 18 week old kitten room", which I might add has literally 50 kittens in it. I was greeted by a little boy I'd call Sir Trouble.


This guy was all over me and every time I tried to put him down he screamed. I didn't want to stand and drop Mr. Wiggleworm so I had a seat and immediately I was swarmed by kittens.



*Note: Pardon my roots.*

Sir Trouble was literally all over the place-on my back, in my purse, going after my earrings, you name it, he was all over it.


I mean really? Crawling up my pants? Great shot, right?

There was a little Grey kitty that came and sat on my leg. She was like a ninja. She just appeared there. Then before I knew it she was hunkered down in my purse. If you ask me, that's a smart girl! She was trying to sneak home with me.

And I'll tell you what, if I could, I would have snatched every last one of them up. But I don't think Kenya would have liked that...or you know, the 800 mile trip home.


Then there was The Greeter. Sweetest cat there. From the minute you came in her eyes were on you. She went right to my Mom and started loving on her. She was probably one of the most social cats I've met.

I haven't been around a kitten in probably 9 or more years, so it was a lot of fun to play. All in all, I as a little sad to leave them. But I had to remind myself that at least they were in a place that won't euthanize them.

Now I want a kitten :(

P.S. I Can Has Cheez Burger is one of my favorite site around. If you've got a cat, you'll laugh your butt off.



The Rambler said...

Sweet cats. especially the greeter.

What a crazy one that is that climbing up your back :)

Catherine Hansen Peart said...

I am really hoping you meant to write 'would NOT' euthanize them.... :-) I want to take one home too!

Jane said...


I just awarded you the Honest Scrap Award...Congratulations! Stop by my blog to pick it up!

Jane @ Finding Fabulous

modern eve said...

oh my! we have kittens that we need to find homes for! ask erin - they are so adorable!! only 8 weeks old - you should adopt one!

Momma Michie said...

Awwwww, I love the kitties! The badder the better, lol. The hub caps are awesome too!

Kristina with a K said...

I know! Are these babies not too cute?

Catherine- Yes I did! Eek! I corrected it!

And Jane- Thank you! I am so bad about awards! I'll get better, I promise!

Modern Eve--I can't even imagine how stinking cute they must be! I wish I could take them all :(

Averill said...

I have no idea how you managed to leave without taking at least one home! And I love that the one just climbed into your purse -- brilliant!

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

I love Kittens/cats too. We have an animal shelter near us that does storytime on Fridays & then you can play with all of the animals. I want to bring my 2 year old soon.