Friday, September 4, 2009

I Stuck My Hand in a Bee's Nest

Good! I got your attention! No, actually I'd never be so stupid to stick anything in a bee's nest.

Last Friday, I went out to get the mail and noticed a few bees buzzing around out top balcony. I thought maybe they were just lost and didn't think much of it.

Saturday passed, then I was in my craft room on Sunday and saw this out of my window.


Yeah, I sort of wanted to gag. I have never in all of my 29 years, have ever seen anything like this.


I called our pest control company in complete panic. First thing I thought was "African Killer Beeeez!!" and I refused to go anywhere near the front of the house.

Luckily, our pest control man was able to come out on Tuesday and spray all 4 million of them, well, nearly all.


So now I have little bee bodies all over my porches and flower beds, but you know...I don't care! As long as they are gone! I have no idea how this colony's scout bee convinced them all that this was the best spot for their new home.


This is the honeycomb they built in less than 48 hours. Can you even imagine how big it would have been by today?

On a side note, I did research having a bee keeper come out and take them. But most bee keepers don't want wild bees like this for their own colonies and it's about $500 to "excavate" them.



Desiree said...

Oh noooooooo! I literally said that OUT LOUD when I saw that picture! Holy sh*t! I'm brave enough to take some hairspray to a cockroach (I thought it would freeze them in place since I had no bug spray) but I would NEVER go after some bees!

Glad you got that nonsense taken care of!

Queen Bee said...

Ewww. Not fun! Glad you weren't attacked.
Have a great weekend

Liz said...

I would have just fallen over dead! OMG, seriously.

~ Liz

Vanessa said...

EEK!! This sort of thing happens all the time in Arizona. We have killer bees here. Once we had to have them come and remove them from a dead tree.. they just sealed up the tree .. it was $200. My new home has some bees congregating on the side of my door jam??? We are going to seal it up in the fall.. its just insane!!

Julia Dunnit said...

Very scary - especially when you just look up and it's well, THERE!
It's against the law her ein the UK to destroy a swarm - we are required to get a bee keeper to come get the Queen and blah blah.
Really enjoyed finding your blog this morning! said...

ARGH! That is so, so scary. I am terrified of bees. in college I was super late to an exam once because there was a bee outside my car and I couldn't get out. =) I don't think the prof believed me.

ashflees said...

OMG! That is the creepiest thing ever!!! That must have been millions of bees to get that thing built so fast! I'd have just screamed and ran away like a little girl!