Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm Back and Look How Much Fun We Had!

In case you missed it, I planned a thrift outing for local Bloggers here in Dallas for last Saturday.

Here was our plan:


St. Vincent's

I met up with Shanen from The Sweet Spot at the CCA ReSale store in The Colony about 10am. We wandered the isles, talking about what we'd do with this and that. Then I spotted it...


It was love at first sight. Oh the plans I have for this one!!


I think it is a old sewing box. At least that is what my plan is for it.

Shanen and I moved on to the next stop: Goodwill. We met up with Erin from The Lavender Lily.


This is one of my favorite Goodwill's too. They always have the good, old pieces. Shanen just returned from a trip to Uganda and picked up this neat hand carved African themed frame for her pictures from her trip. And just before we were about to leave, I spotted this woman with this cabinet and thought "I didn't see that in the furniture room." We scurried back in to the furniture room where new things were being brought in!

Erin picked up this cute ottoman she plans on recovering and Shanen grabbed this great chair from IKEA that she plans on painting.


Here they are on their thrift high posing with their new purchases!

We grabbed lunch, decided to skip the next Goodwill and headed to St. Vincent's. None of us had ever been but I've heard nothing but great things so I was totally excited.

Once we arrived we met up with Desiree from Hitting My Stride and started our thrifting adventure. This place was huge and had mostly clothes. But tucked in a corner they had some furniture and some other random house decor. We spent the majority of our time here. I wish I had a picture of the bad a** chair Desiree picked up for $5. I swear, after she recovers it and paints it, it's going to look like it's straight out of House Beautiful! She also grabbed a great plant stand too that she plans on repainting.

Here we are contemplating who is going to buy the old cedar chest for $10.99! As you can see, there was a lot of talking involved. We had to talk it out and get it's aura. No one got it though :(


I know this picture stinks but it's the only one I had of this store!

And here is the treasure I found for $29.99. It's hand carved wood and HUGE! I couldn't pass it up.


I have yet to hang it because it's so heavy but I think I know the perfect place for it.

All in all we had a great time! And I'm sad some of you had to cancel or couldn't make it :( We missed you and I'm planning another outing soon!!!

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Liz said...

Ahh, looks like so much fun!! I hate that I was out of town for the last one, I'll definitely have to join you for the next one! And I'm totally loving that carved mirror you found - talk about a seriously great piece! (And thanks again for coming to the open house on Sunday - it was great to meet you!).

~ Liz

Desiree said...

Okay, my face looks ridiculous! :-) I'm recovering that chair this week if it kills me! Cross your fingers for me that it'll turn out well...

I had so much fun with you on Sunday too! Can't wait for the next thrift store outing - next time I'll be able to hang with y'all for the whole day...

Kristina with a K said...

Liz! I was tickled pink to meet you too! How did the open house turn out?

And D, I know! I almost didn't post it but it was the only other picture I had. Please forgive me!

We'll plan another outing soon! I'm thinking maybe..the first Saturday of September?

Dreamer said...

Yay!!! So much fun! I love the hearts you put in our pic! :) (OH, and the chair was from Crate & Barrell, remember?! The dishes I found were from IKEA.) Can't wait for the next time!

Averill said...

Looks like you ladies had a great time -- and I love that mirror you scored, Kristina. It's absolutely stunning!

thatsgraphic said...

Sounds like a great day out you had at the op shops. Enjoyed looking around your blog. Annette

Whitni Ann said...

You found that Cedar Chest for 10.99 and NO ONE got it?! Go back and get it and ship it to me here in Georgia, okay?

Ha, I found your blog through Today's Creative Blog, congratulations on being featured! :)