Friday, July 17, 2009

Where's my Enya CD?

I actually love Enya and would never say a ugly thing about her. However....

According to the International School of Colour and Design my style personality is as follows:

Sleek New Earth Living Environment

"You consider the technological side of your space. You bring trends that compliment your lifestyle into your home."


OK, sure but who doesn't? Kind of like when you go to a psychic and they say "You've had trouble in your past" And if they could see my house...yeah, not so much the sleek or earth. Gabe made a comment that it sounded more like him than me.

That's OK tho! I'm all about taking surveys to help peg my style. AND they put me on the cover of their magazine to boot!


What is your design style?

kristina Sig copy


Liz said...

I would never have thought to describe myself as "Eastern Boho," but there you go!! Here's what it said:

"You love collecting pieces and displaying them in abstract ways in your home. Your home is a gallery - every wall tells a story. Not concerned with what your neighbors homes are like, you are true to your own style. Well rounded, you enjoy spending time at home as much as you enjoy going out. You are confident and authentic. Your home is rich with many details and textures."

I want to be that person!! :)

~ Liz

Laurie said...

I got Eastern Boho as well, which is weird, because its not what I am, but its kind of what I aspire to be...especially with the "every wall tells a story"...I like my belongings to mean something to me, just not "stuff". I'm going thru a transition right now from minimalist to whatever I end up being. I still love minimalism but I like to see some warmth too.