Thursday, July 9, 2009

Redo: Old Teapot

Remember awhile back I told you how I love to dust/shine/Armor All things? I know, I know totally weird, but it's completely a instant gratification thing I assure you.

Wandering through Goodwill, I spotted her. She was on the back of the shelf, waiting for me to find her.


And for $1.99, I could not leave her there.


I knew she could have some major potential with a little elbow grease. So I busted out one of my favorite things in the world that my friend Emily turned me on to.

It's called the Miracle Cloth. This thing is AH-MAZE-ING. Emily was strolling through the mall one day when one of those kiosk guys offered to clean her wedding ring. She was so impressed (and knew how I obsessed over my wedding rings being clean) she bought one and brought it to work for me to try. I'm hooked and this thing really can work miracles. Just take a look!


See the tarnish coming off on the top? I also bought some Wright's Silver Cream for the larger areas and used it with a soft bristled tooth brushon some of the details. Now I won't lie, I worked about 2.5 hours on this girl.


And here she is all clean!!! Can you believe that? I am just tickled pink by the results!



And here she is all dolled up! Not bad, eh?


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Jennifer's Design Team! said...

No way...I am shocked! It's gorgeous...I too love thrift and antique shopping but usually just leave things looking old. I am going to try your secret cleaner for sure. Thanks for the tip!!

Desiree said...

Beyond gorgeous!!! I love that you made it a flower pot!

Which makes me even more sad that I have sad news - I have to take a test on the 25th - I'm looking into getting into teaching and I have to take the THEA test to apply to the certification program. I'm wondering if the universe just doesn't want me spending money! :-)

Anyway, it's an all morning thing (7a-12p) but if you guys go for lunch afterwards I should be able to join you. Send me an email and I'll give you my number.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the tip. :)

Liz said...

Gorgeous!! And I'm in love with your flower arrangement, too!

~ Liz

Jen R. said...

What a huge difference!

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

That came out great.

Queen Bee said...

Wow, it looks great! I am heading to the S.A. (Salvation Army) right now!

Averill said...

Great job -- the teapot looks brand new!

Btw, love the new layout. I go on vacation for a week and come back and everything looks so great!


Evy said...

Wow, she is gorgeous! And I love what you've done with the flowers!

Momma Michie said...

That is one beautiful tea pot! Great job!

Stacie said...

Wow. That is a beautiful project. Even though I'm not very crafty, you make me want to learn.

so alaurable said...

Beautiful! Makes me re-think passing something by something that looks like it's seen its better days.

Pearl said...

Love it!!! I really enjoyed your blog. Stop on by sometime. Peace (an old hippie)

Mary said...

That's really the flowers in it, too. So, did you Armour All it to keep it shiny?
Met Monday