Monday, July 6, 2009

Let's Take a Tour: New Craft Room

I hope everyone had a very relaxing weekend. I know I did! I spent the majority of it messing around with this silly blog design.

ANYHOW, today is the day. Today, I will reveal my beloved craft room. Either you love this room or you hate. I, personally, love it. I love having a place I can go and make a huge mess, and just...shut the door.

You remember my post a few months back when I got the OK on turn Kenya's room into a craft room. And of course we cannot forget Jennifer's, from Made By Girl, home office which turned out to be my main color inspiration.

Here is the room the day we moved in. Small and weird. This room used to be something like a small game room. It was nice and open with a huge archway. The previous owners had the bright idea to fill the arch in and stick a door on it and call it a 4th bedroom.


Here was the "arch" from the downstairs. Yeah, they painted the arch blue. Oh, and notice the pink glow around the door on the left? I think it's the Barbie pink gloss paint somewhat blinding.


Luckily, both the Barbie room and the arch have since been corrected.

Moving on.

After a visit to Lowe's I decided on a Valspar color called "Semi-sweet" {color # 4003-2C} It's a dark, dark brown.

I tried my best to do a panoramic version of this room, but I failed miserably. There is just so much to see. So close your eyes, and imagine walking into a tiny room and turning to the right...this is what you'd see:


This is the view head-on from the doorway and to the left a bit:


And then this is the view of the doorway wall:


I know there is a ton to process. But I wanted to point out one thing. The majority of..well, pretty much everything in this room, is either from Goodwill, or something that was redone that I already had.


See all of the circles? All Goodwill. I'm not even joking. I don't mess around when it comes to Goodwill and I take it very seriously. Ha!

Here are a few of my favorite things through out the room:


This is my little needle pointing corner. All of these frames came from Goodwill {including the clock frame} I made the "I love Arts 'n' Crafts" cross stitch and of course we can't leave out the paper flowers in a shadowbox piece.


I bought this horrible gold shadow from Goodwill for $.99. I gutted it and sprayed the frame white. {Side note: I think I used about 20 cans of paint during this whole room redo; probably more} I found a silhouette of a sewing machine, printed it out. I pinned the print out to a piece of felt and then cut it out. I hoard scrapbook paper and this is one of them that I've hung onto forever for that perfect project. Using a Martha Stewart doily edge punch I created the cute little lace detail on the edges. Slapped it all together with some craft glue and voila!

So here she is. The new craft room! Took awhile but it's finally done and I am enjoying it so much.

Oh! And see that light brown chair in sitting corner? Yep! That's the thrift chair that I was thinking about recovering. But, after putting it in the room, I decided it went too perfectly to recover it.

Since this is the longest post ever, I'll leave you to your thoughts :)

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Desiree said...

Wow! It looks wonderful - I love that you have a room to yourself to just create and be girly! And I totally dig your commitment to Goodwill - it's very impressive!

Lora said...

What a beautiful room! You're now inspiring me to shop more at Goodwill!

Kristina with a K said...

I am loving my new room. It has my name all over it. I can't wait until the 25th!

And Lora, I know you're from Nashville. And being a former Nashvillian {is that even right? Nashvillian?} I know of a few good thrift shops! Get to it girl!

Jennifer said...

Awesome Krissy! So nice to finally see your room. Very inspiring!

The Rambler said...

loving the new look.

and I sooooo LOVE LOVE your room!!

Goodwill has become my new best friend. :)

Queen Bee said...

AMAZING! I had to re-read it, I thought it was out of a fancy magazine. What a room - congratulations!
(Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!)

Kristina with a K said...

Thanks for all of the kind comments everyone! I'm hoping to post detailed tuts on some of the small stuff throughout the room soon. :)

And great to see new faces!!

Drama queens mum (Kimberly) said...

I love it.

Karen said...

It's gorgeous!!! Love the color and all the decorative accents. I need to take you to my Goodwill because I never can seem to find anything good. Enjoy your beautiful new room!!

romasummertime said...

I LOVE this much that I painted our fireplace wall this color for an accent wall in the living room (with the other walls very light gray and bright white trim). Now I'm thinking I'd love to paint the whole room semi-sweet but am afraid it will be too dark - have you grown tired of the dark color or do you still love it & think it's cozy?? Would love your advice! Thanks!

Kristina at The Purple Pea said...

Roma- Yes, I STILL love this color to this day. Even with the ceiling painted the same color, I adore it!