Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How To Make: Frame Jewelry Holder

What I'm going to share with you today isn't a new and exciting idea.

We've seen them blogged about on a number of blogs. How to organize your jewelry. But I decided I wanted to share my jewelry-organization-journey with you!

Sherry over at Young House Love wrote about her ceramic egg crate that she uses to organize her stuff in her wardrobe.


Yes please

And of course, we can all drool over having a huge closet with the shelves and cabinets and even something like this great jewelry drawer. I would love to get some built-in organization in my closet, but honestly, my closet situation is the last thing on my house to-do list.

However, here is my real problem. I've got all sorts of jewelry. I don't just have earrings. I've got it all. I made a horrible attempt at some sort of organization about a year ago. I used two small cork boards from Wal-Mart, some twine and thumb tacks. This was the state of my jewelry situation before I started.


And here is where it ends up


Not good right?

I decided to use one of the little cork boards as the frame and to use a $1.99 shelf I snagged from the thrift store.


This could work!

Using a utility knife, I cut the back of the cork board out.


I started to try to remove the cork board and as you can see, it completely fell apart. Back to square one!


Clearly, this is a sign right? One of my *favorite* things to look for at thrift shops are these great metal frames with beautiful pressed metal detail. So, let's whip one out!



I decided I need some hanging space for my longer necklaces. I installed a few teacup hooks and two D rings on the sides of the shelf.


Using metal hardware cloth, I cut out a perfect piece that easily slid into the track intended for the actual picture and backing.


Easy peasy right? I gave everything a quick coat of white spray paint. Including the little "S" hooks I wanted to use on the mesh to hang other random things.


So after hanging everything up, here's what my jewelry collection looks like now!


I've got the little shelf to put my bangles on and bought that weird hand at Hobby Lobby for $7.00 for my rings {I looove rings} I was completely surprised that everything fit too! I used some of the holes on the frame to put a few pairs of hoops in.

I also recently saw a jewelry frame holder where lace was used instead of the wire mesh and even fabric on a piece of foam core.

Here are a few other jewelry frame holder tuts I've found while poking around:

Jewelry Frame Holder Tut at Poopscape Projects

Jewelry Frame Organizer over at CraftBits

Lee Meridith's DIY Jewelry Frame {from Craftstylish} made with fishnet stockings!

Another idea from Dollar Store Crafts

And Kate over at Centsational Girl {which is who inspired me to create my own jewelery frame!} posted a great tut on her creation!

How do you store your jewelry? Do you use a traditional box? Or maybe a little dish on your dresser?

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Jennifer said...

Oh, yours is so pretty! I like it better than all the other frame jewelry displays I've seen. Eventually I'll get some of my projects done.

I have news for you soon, but I don't want to say anything yet.

Averill said...

Awesome job! You should start making these and selling them for some serious moola -- people pay the big bucks for fabulous thrift-store chic!

Liz said...

TOO CUTE!! What a creative idea to add the shelf to the picture frame, and it turned out beautifully! My jewelry is a total mess so I always wind up wearing the same few pieces over and over again - I need to follow your example!

~ Liz

Kristina with a K said...

Oh come on Jen! You can't say that then not tell me!! Spill it!

And thanks for the kind comments. I've actually had two requests to make these for a friend. Hmmm...

Lavender Lily said...

you need to have an etsy shop! that is such a great idea, i wish i were more creative to come up with something like that...i hate my jewelry organization now...i'm glad i have people like you whose projects i can copy!

Queen Bee said...

Very Cute! Good job! I am cringing at what a mess mine is in. All tangled and piled up. Uggh - one more mess to tackle!

Zeemaid said...

wow... I have a dish and three jewelery boxes. Not that I have that much stuff, my mom gave me two. One because the box was so pretty and another cause my dad won it at a work thing. It's pretty ugly (tall with doors) but one day I'll paint it.

Anyways, I just wanted to say your's is gorgeous and I checked out those other links and your's really stands out. I guess it's the shelf. Just really sets it off. Great job!

wildcatsthree said...

What a great way to organize jewelry, and I'm in love with that closet too! Just stopped by from SITS to say hi - I'm new to it too. Have a great day

Dreamer said...

ummm... do you have any metal meshy stuff left... I'm somewhat stealing your idea. :)

Kristina with a K said...

Actually I do Dreamer. But you have to come get it ;)

Mariana said...

I love this idea! I have to take a picture of my jewelry mess! :( I have tried everything (within my budget) to get everything organized, but this looks like it works and it's fun to create. I will definitely try to create mine and blog about it! I will be sure to reference my inspiration: YOU!! =) Thanks!

Jennifer DeDonato said...

looks great...I really like the way it turned out.