Monday, June 15, 2009

We're Having Babies!!!

Oh wait! No, no no, not ME!! I hope my poor mother didn't read that. She'd have a heart attack.

As you are completely and totally aware, I have a secret passion for birds. I was re-covering a pin cushion on Saturday and I could hear a lot of chittering and birdy talk outside on the balcony. Odd, usually birds don't venture that close to the door.

A few hours passed and Kenya was glued to the door...watching a Boston Fern I have hung outside.

I remembered my grandmother in Tennessee always had bird nests in her ferns every year.....

I grabbed my stool and went outside to take a peek.


Little Purple Finch eggs!

And then about 20 minutes after I took the picture and decided to share it with you... John from This Young House posted the same thing about a nest being built in Sherry's bike helmet. Boo! I swear I didn't steal his idea!


Kenya will continue to monitor the nest's progress with updates daily.

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lisa said...

Tis the season for baby birds. I posted 2 weeks ago on our finding a nest of sparrow eggs in one of my hanging flower baskets. They just hatched 2 days ago ago and we now have 4 of the cutest baby sparrows ever!
Can't wait to see your "Babies"!

Liz said...

That's so cool! We have a bird's nest in our mailbox (getting the mail is a little interesting right now), but no babies - too cute!

~ Liz

Ashley said...

Me too! I love when they hatch too....I had some mockingbirds hatch on our porch when we lived on the east coast....I took pics almost everyday! We just found a hummingbird nest a few weeks THOSE are some small eggs!

Over from SITS!