Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Remember the cubby holes you used in Preschool?

If you have a craft room or some place that requires a crap ton of organization {or just a crap ton of stuff}, then chances are you've considered this shelving unit from IKEA.


Yes please

I love it because the cubbies are big but not gigantic or too small for things and it's a great way to store stuff that is to be sorted. Like fabrics or paper. Great thing about these also is that you can buy bins that fit perfectly into the cubbies for storage. Could be great for shoes too!

Well, you know me! Sadly, I can't get away with this, but this unit was my first pick my list of furniture for the new craft room. I went as far as to trying to bribe my father to come down here and make them for me. It didn't work.

Chatting with Emily {remember? Scrapbook queen? Hi E!} the other day, she was telling me about HER new craft room she's setting up and these great shelves she snagged at Target for $49.99. I had a heart attack and had to go see for myself.


I grabbed them up in white, but they come in about 5 different colors. I mean these are more than perfect! Like the IKEA version you can buy a unit with only two rows but taller or 3 rows and shorter. But get this, these are made for closets! So you can buy additional units {maybe even by two cubey units} and stack them! I am opting to not use the white shelf backers, but you could really get creative. Why not go get 9 12x12 pieces of scrapbook paper you love and use those instead?

What do you think? Would you opt for the IKEA version or maybe consider the Target alternative?


Jennifer said...

Dude, I love all of those Target pieces. I'm going to eventually make a storage unit out of several pieces, like shelves, cubbies, drawers....I just have to make sure they fit together. I could have told you about those a while ago. Great deal though! I saw them on sale for like $10 cheaper at one point.

Still can't wait to see your craft room all finished!

Laurie said...

I am an Ikea Expedit connoisseur! I have 4 of them in my home :)

lisa said...

I like the Expedit...I never thought to use itas a shoe keeper...looks like a trip to IKEA is in order.

Kristina with a K said...

Laurie--I am totally jealous! 4?

And Jenn I think since these are stackable and you can mix and match, these would be perfect for a craft room or hell, a closet like they were meant for.

And Lisa...go to IKEA ASAP!

Future Mama said...

Cute!! I usually go with the less expensive version myself :)

I love that you have two dogs as your babies, my baby is a dog too! Oh, and we live in Texas as well!! Sweet!