Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jovie and Thew Turn 2

Two years ago today, our precious Dogchildren were born. They were so stinking cute too. We drove 2 hours to Montague, Texas to go and see them at 5 weeks old.

Our thinking was we'll pick out the puppies based on their temperament....at 5 weeks old. We wanted them to be easy going, not easily scared and friendly....at 5 weeks old. I don't know how much you know about a 5 week old puppy, but they kinda aren't interested in playing and human interaction. They just want to sleep and eat. Way to go us.

I did my due diligence before we got these two. I read 3 dog training books, 1 behavioral book and a "Doberman" breed specific book before we even picked them up. I talked to a few Doberman owners and Tivo-ed "The Dog Whisperer" and watched it every chance I got. I refused for these dogs not be be well adjusted and crazy because "I didn't know!"

*Note: My dogs are not crazy or vicious. They are darling, lovely animals that have their "quirks" like any other dog.


After we picked them up, we brought them to my mother-in-law's house to let them run around in the backyard for awhile. And then we saw it. Our little Jovie was not the laid back little girl we picked out at 5 weeks old. Jovie is a instigator. And if Thew doesn't want to play, too damn bad. WE PLAY NOW!


Now, don't get me wrong, Thew likes his share of playing too, but Jovie has a passion. A passion for being loud and mouthy and obsessed with...PLAYING!!


See those itty bitty teeth? I have no idea how I caught this but this is one of my favorite pictures ever. Most pictures I have of playing, this is how they look. Note Thew's blocking technique


Poor Thew. He just wants to collect his bones and chill, but he's got this obnoxious sister he's stuck with 24/7 that just won't leave him alone!!!


All in all, Jovie is such a smart little girl. She's always so happy go lucky too and that's what I love so dearly about her. She follows me everywhere and "helps" with whatever I am doing. She'll trot up behind you and nudge your hand as you walk {because yes, they are that tall} she blows bubble with her nose in her water dish, she is passionate about squeaky balls, and is smart enough to know when we use curse words in a command, that she better move it extra fast!


Thew is a lover. He just wants to be with you and guard you from whatever horrible things that may attack you while being inside the house. He is sort of insecure with himself and gets self conscious. If you stare at him, he'll give you a few barks {he rarely barks}, which of course gets Jovie riled up and playing starts. The cycle continues


He is very intense sometimes and takes his daily tasks very seriously. Like his bone collecting, or your personal hygiene. He knows that your eyes and ears MUST be clean, so you must hold still while he investigates.

Thew is always interested in what you have to say. He will tilt his head from one side to the other in order to completely understand what you are trying to say to him. Not a typical man.


But when the going gets though, he's there. Precious boy was upset when Jovie had surgery and stayed near her all night.


OK, Ok, now I'm just rambling and showing you pics of my dogs.


I have survived two years of these two and I'll admit at first, I wasn't quite sure we made the right decision. They fall in lines with rearing children, but they don't back talk. They must have structure and a solid routine. But I can't imagine my life without them.

They wouldn't wear birthday hats so this is the best I could do. I was bribing them with a dried cranberry.

P.S. I know Cesar Milan says not to "humanize" dogs but whatever, it makes me happy.

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Averill said...

Happy Birthday Jovie and Thew! Such cute pictures; these two are just darling.

I know what you mean though about the work dogs require...Dave always says that Olivia is like having 1/4 of a baby. And she is. She needs a routine, lots of naps and to be entertained/played with. Ah well, good practice for real kids someday, I suppose!

Desiree said...

I searched for all the Dog Whisperer shows I could find and recorded them all! Now if Maya would only let me watch them! I'm holding on, hoping that by the time she's two she'll be as well behaved as your dogs! They're soo super cute!

The Rambler said...

That was the most fun and interesting post I've read about someone's else pets!

They look like a lot of fun :)

Happy 2nd Birthdays!!

Woof Woof!

Kristina with a K said...

Aww, ya'll are too sweet for humoring me about my dog's birthday. That why I love you guys. :)


How freakin cute is that!!! Oh my GOD I love it! Animals should rule the world!Great Post! Stopping by from SITS!

Tricia said...

You're dogs are so cute. My husband and I are also dog people. And, they are definately our children as well.

Ashley @ AshleysBusy said...

Those two are such doll faces. We have 2 small dogs and my boyfriend and I are always saying we'd love to have a big dog too. Our faves are dobermans and german shepherds.

Lost in decor said...

I absolutely love your dogs!

LambAround said...

The photos and comments are too cute! Happy insanely belated bday, pups! :p