Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Like To Share

I am a genius!!!

I've been trying to figure out for WEEKS how to post my shared items from Google Reader. I have searched high and low for a gadget or some sort of trick so that I could share with all of you some of the great stuff I come across.


I did it!!! See? Over there on the right? Now I can peruse my blogs and find all of the wonderful things that I can pass along to you!

kristina Sig copy


Chelsie said...

That's awesome! What gadget did you use? Just stopping by from SITS...I love your font in the sidebars! Cute!

Kristina with a K said...

Thanks! I'm trying to find a font that'll be legibile. I thought it might be a bit much so I changed it :/ I do love it tho.

I went into the gadgets and selected the RSS Feed gadget. Then went into reader, hit the "Shared Items" on the left then clicked the link at the top that says "Your shared items are available at this web page" Then I just copied the page link and popped it into the RSS Feed gadget! Viola!

Thanks for stopping by! :)