Saturday, June 13, 2009

How To Make: Sprucing Up Your Blog

I don't know if some of you are like me, but I need some instant gratification sometimes. I like to make things look pretty, clean and put together.

Some of you have been with me from the beginning, and have seen my many transformations to my blog. I had a scrapbooking theme, then a "play-off-words" theme, then we moved to my plain jane birds theme, and then what you see today.


I know my blog isn't the best with all the buttons and tabs and whatever else. But I like it and I am always looking for ways to make it look better and different from the rest. Plus I refuse to pay for blog design. I'm good with Photoshop and HTML/CSS can't be that hard right? Just to preface, in the beginning, I knew nothing, zero, about anything to do with HTML/CSS.

Today I'm going to share some sites so that maybe you too can add a little pizazz to your boring ole "Minima Stretch" Blogger template.

See how I've changed my font on my titles? I learned that from Amanda over at Kevin and Amanda's Place. Not only do they have some really fantastic blog tutorials but they have *the* best handwriting fonts. Rumor has it, if you send in your handwriting and they like it enough, they'll make it into a font and post it! But as ya'll have seen, mine is clearly not up for the challenge.

If you're not comfortable poking around the "Edit HTML" tab in the Blogger Dashboard, maybe you should go here and download a premade template. They've got some really cute stuff and replacing your existing template is super easy!

Now if you want three columns like I have {one on each side of the posts} I found the code and gave it a go. Dove straight into that "Edit HTML" tab like no one's business!


If *I* can do can you!

If you are really hardcore and are determined to learn all that is CSS design, you should consider visiting W3Schools. They have a million tutorials on every single thing HTML/CSS possible.

One last link that I recently discovered through Yummy Lolly is Blog Bulk. They've got a great section on simple tweaks like moving your posting date to the bottom of the post, or putting each post in a separate box. Just little stuff like that.

Did you do your own design work on your blog? Or does someone else do it for you?

*Note: The great Madebygirl is selling "I Love You, Blogs & Tea" at here Etsy shop here. I am thinking about snagging one!
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Suzanne said...

Wow!! Thanks for these tips! :) I'm trying to make my blog a little bit prettier for public consumption.. heehee

Kristina with a K said...

Good luck! Can't wait to see what you do!!

Reviewer11 said...

Cool I'm like that too. I feel like my blog has to be pretty and clean and easy to read. I know what you mean.

From a SITSta. :)

Sanity Fair said...

I JUST came across your blog - and am so delighted! So many folks are blogging about beautiful ideas - but rarely about beautifying blogs! I've been wondering how to do a few of these things and can't wait to try. I started back with a new Mac and wondering what "HTML" stood for... still a long way to go, but it's a fun adventure!

Kristina with a K said...

Thanks for stopping by and come back anytime!

There is a wealth of knowledge out there! And to be honest, I still don't know what HTML stands for. I just know what it looks like. Ha!

Suzanne said...

Hyper-Text Markup Language :)