Monday, May 4, 2009

How To Make: Easy and Cute Storage Containers

Hello my little peas!!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I worked on my craft room all weekend. I managed to slice my head open on one of the shelving brackets while I was hanging my new shelves. Grace is so not my middle name.

I decided to take a test drive of my new room. I had bought a few wooden storage containers both at Hobby Lobby and Goodwill. I've never been a traditional scrapbooker, but gawd I love the paper. I find myself wandering the scrapbook paper isle just picking up random pages that I love. So I decided to dig through my pile and give my new jar of Modge Podge a go.

This is super easy and they can turn out super cute!

I snagged this wooden unfinished canister at Hobby Lobby for $1.99! {I actually bought 2}

A 12 x 12 piece of scrapbook paper wouldn't be able to cover this whole thing completely. So I busted out some matching paint and painted the edges so I'd have a bit of room to work with.

I measured the edges and using my craft knife and cutting mat I got to chopping. With some strategic placement and a nice coat of Modge Podge here is how she turned out!

I ended up doing two other pieces too.

I covered this little box with three different patterns of pink papers. I'm using it to house all of my frequently used sewing junk. {That of which I haven't used yet. I have everything I need to start my sewing journey but haven't had a chance to actually start}

This wooden box was $.50 at Goodwill. I mean come on! How can you not go wrong here!!

Now I just need to find some goodies to actually put in these lovely boxes right?

*Note: I apologize for the pictures being so blue. I got a daylight bulb and forgot to adjust my camera for the lighting change.

What kind of things do you use Modge Podge to cover? Do you have any tricks or tips on using Modge Podge? I found that if I did not completely cover the backside of whatever I was pasting it'd bubble when I put on the top coat. I was Modge Podge virgin tho but I learned a lot!


Averill said...

These look great!

So how do you get the paper to not wrinkle? Every time I've mod-podged I've managed to make it look like paper maiche. Also...what kind of finish did you use?

Centsational Girl said...

Those are so beautiful ! I have yet to Modge Podge but it is coming up on my To Do list. Thanks for the helpful tips !

Kristina with a K said...


Averill--Just give the back of whatever you are Modge Podging a thin coat. If you goop it on it'll bubble. Then press it on firmly and smooth out the warped spots. THEN go over the top with another light coat making sure to really get the edges good.

I just used the matte finish.

Too bad the pics are so crappy and you can't see how vivid the colors really are.

Dreamer said...

You are so amazing!!! You are my modge podge inspiration! I actually have taken a couple ideas from you and added my own touch, but never would have thought of them if not for you. I bought the modge podge (or hodge podge. haha) to use on my desk. I'm still too scared to do that, so I went to IKEA and bought the paper organizer thingies (that you had in another post and you scrapbook-papered them). However, I am using the cutouts from my grandma's old Vogue and Cosmo magazines to wrap them!! I really want you to come see my room, so I can point out everything you inspired me to do. :)

Blayne said...

These are so cute! I like to Modge Podge wooden letters for baby gifts (to spell out the baby's name). When I redo my office I am going to have to make some of these.

Kristina with a K said...

Thanks guys! I just posted better pics. You sort of got ripped off with yesterday's blue smurf pics.