Friday, April 10, 2009

It was calling me

You know how I just love to go got Goodwill and poke around? It's my escape to go and rummage through other people's crap that they don't want. I am 100% certain I get this from my Grandfather. When I was a little girl, we'd go to garage sales and the flea market for hours. Just to find that one thing that you absolutely could not live without.

As I was doing a quick scan of the furniture room at my favorite Goodwill, I spotted this chair, all alone in a corner. It was only $40.00. I wish I had taken a picture, but it is the same style as the popular ones sold at Target for $299.99. My immediate thought was "Oh, I can recover this and stick it on our new bedroom!"

However, since I am "on notice" I didn't buy it. I did think about it the rest of the day and decided I'd go back for it the next day. If she was still there then it was meant to be. I walked in, and my heart was totally pounding hoping that she was still there waiting for me.

And she was!

With a bit of finagling she fit in my car and is now at home, waiting for her make over.

But here's my dilemma...or dilemmas..

#1. Where on earth can I find cute fabric? I'm not talking cutesy stuff from JoAnn's. I mean modern stuff.

#2 My sewing skills are minimal. I have a sewing machine and I've made some bandannas for my dogs but...that's the extent. So..

a. Any advice for recovering a chair?
b. Any good books or tutorials that you know of that can teach me some uber sewing sKillz?


Jennifer said...

You will need to come back to Nashville to shop for fabric. ;) There's a really good store on 8th, right down the street from my work.

I can't help you with the sewing part, that's what my mom is for. But you will probably need upholstery tacks to tack the fabric in place underneath. Either that or staples, but the tacks look so much nicer, you know, if you're ever under the chair.

There has to be at least one other fabric store that is not a Joann's or Hobby Lobby near you. What about some sheets? They would definitely be big enough and you could probably find some cool prints that might be cheaper than buying it by the yard.

Good luck!!!!!

Kristina with a K said...

You know, I think Lavender Lily mentioned knowing about a good fabric store around here. I mean I do live in a gigantic city. :P

Do you actually work downtown?

Jennifer said...

Just about. I'm almost in the Gulch.

Averill said...

I really like Mod Green Pod -- they're organic, based out of Austin, and their fabric only runs about $40/yard (which is really great for organic upholstery fabric).

I would also recommend finding a small independent upholstery place. I took one chair I had done to a mom/daughter shop near my house and they did all the work for a fraction of what it cost to take another chair I had done to Calico Corners (and the chair the mom/daughter did was WAY bigger/more complicated)! Ask around for recommendations, or just look someone up online and then ask to see samples of their work when you go in for a visit.

Lavender Lily said...

There are some great fabric discount stores on Harry Hines, but I don't know the names of them, I just know how to get there. I can give you the directions.

Also, one of my besties recently recovered a chair and I think she might have a book about it. I'll find out the name of it and let you know...

AND - I love that chair from Target...I want the orange one!

Desiree said...

So, did you ever get the chair redone? We got a chair from a garage sale that is going to need to be reupholstered and I have no idea where to start.