Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I won! Yipee!

Fellow Texan and blogger, Averill, over at Odi et Amo was sponsoring a free subscription to one of 4 design magazines of your choice if you posted a comment about what you loved about her blog.

Her blog is like a well put together suit. You know, the one suit that you can wear, feel great in and have that perfect scarf that was made for it. She's great at doing her research and each post is so well thought out and planned. Working with attorneys most of my adult life, I know how much they pay attention to detail and Averill certainly does. I feel like I am reading a educated opinion from someone who really thinks about what they are blogging about. Whether it be new color trends, clothes, rooms. You feel good about what you've read when you get to the bottom of her posts. In my book, that goes along way.

She has such a great sense of design and color and her before and after projects are probably some of my favorites. As I mentioned in my comment, I especially love these chairs she re-covered.

Yes, I know, you love it too, right?

So here's a shout out {did I just type shout out? What is this MTV Raps?} to Averill and her blog! Go check it out!


A Joyful Mom said...

I enjoy reading your blog. It always inspires me. Enjoy your new designer magazine!

Averill said...

Thanks for plug, Kristina! I'm so very flattered. :)