Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Paper Chase

I *knew* that would get your attention!!!

I wanted to type "How funny is this card?" then realized that a.) it probably isn't that funny, we love our husbands and b.) it's sort of horrible. The ironic thing? I recieved this card from my Mother-in-Law for my birthday. She actually turned me on to kissmekwik . Now this is one of the "cleaner" cards, but they have a great selection of very funny, very dirty cards. Yes, I said dirty .

Only set back- they're based out of the UK. So you'll be converting pounds and the shipping if you live outside of Britain. Britain..is that PC still?

Also, I think I am going to take up paper e-mailing.

And this. I'm taking this to work to write out tickets for all of the puff painted shirts and giant knitted Texas flag ponchos I see {note I said see, I SEE this often}.

I love these lists from Knock Knock! I bought my first list at Pier 1 about a year ago. Loved it so much I went to the website and bought..more lists! Not only do they have awesome lists to make sure every base is covered, they've got all things office supplies. I *love* office supplies and when they are funny AND functional, {these things say what everyone is thinking} who wouldn't want files with "TOTAL CRAP" written on the side? Hellz yeah!