Monday, February 16, 2009

A new year, new "purposes"

I know, I am a tad late on posting something about New Years resolutions. I wanted to put some time and thought into it (not that I didn't have a whole year to think about it before) I don't believe in making gigantic huge resolutions that are just impossible to keep. I set my expectation low ;)

This year I wanted to do it a little different. Instead of calling them resolutions or goals, I decided to call them my New Year Purpose. Behind every purpose there is a ultimate goal (of course) but calling them resolutions just puts me off. So here is my list:

I wanted to break it down. What to do this month, what to do in 2009 and my year's purposes I need to make a conscious effort to remember. I have tendencies to rush. I rush to do everything (maybe that's why I am so clumsy) I'm trying to take my time and take it slow. 30 seconds really isn't going to make that big of a impact. Or I tend to scowl constantly. My husband says I remind him of a shark. It's just a natural expression for me and it's nothing personal. I just usually look peeved. I am trying to smile more and it's hard because I don't smile often. But I'm trying!

So every month or as I see fit, I update add, or cross off the purposes I have completed and I keep a copy in my wallet in case I forget.

Here's to moisturising!

Kristina :)


Averill said...

All good goals (err...purposes), I think. I think exercising and eating better are on my New Year's resolutions' list perenially...

The Lavender Lily said...

So obviously I'm catching up on your blog today. =) I love how you broke everything down so simply, so that you can actually accomplish your goals! You should turn this into a pdf file or something so other people can fill out their New Year's Purpose and then post it on their blogs.