Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm Not sure if I've introduced you. Meet my Dogchildren

I was taking a look back at some of my older posts and realized, I have failed to introduce you to 2 of my favorite little personalities that make me laugh every day. My almost 2 year old Dobermans. For the record, they are not vicious, they do not bite, love everyone they meet and are total sweethearts. We decided not to clip their ears because of the stereotype of Dobies. Doberman Pinschers were originally bred for their strong protection and guarding instinct. They had to be large, intimidating, and fearless. Keep in mind Dobermans are huge dogs. They have these long Tina Turner legs that just don't stop. At 5'4 the male's head stops at my hip, just to give you an idea. They will not get on the furniture (because they're not allow of course) so they'll get one butt cheek on and look at you as to say "What? I'm not ON the furniture. I'm still standing see?" They're tall puppies to say the least.

Meet Jovie May

Age: 1.5 years old

At 5 weeks old Gabe and I went to pick the puppies out. She was the most laid back of the two females. Boy, were we silly for trying to determine her temperament at 5 weeks old. We were so wrong. She is super high strung (that's why we get along so well) She is constantly by my side
"helping" me (nosey rose). She's such a smart girl and super food motivated. If you have something in your hand that she feels like she might want, she'll sit and wait..then lay down and wait. She thinks that is she does this over and over I'll reward her with whatever I'm holding. She loooves when you put her jacket on too. She'll spin in circles and do a little "ohhh look at me in my jacket!" dance (or so I like to believe)

Meet Thew Dog (yes, this is his AKC registered name)

Age: 1.5 years old

The more laid back of the two, Thew is a lover not a fighter. Not quite as smart as his sister Jovie but defiantly more sensitive. He's very in tune with your emotions and is always concerned about everyone's well being. If you are napping on the couch, he'll come and check on you to make sure you're alright. True to his Doberman heritage he's very aware of what is going on...everywhere. I have complete confidence that if we were ever in trouble, Thew would step up. He also likes to collect bones. Every morning, before I leave for work, they each get one bone to give them something to do during the day. When my husband gets home, Thew has collected every bone in the house (including the one his sister received that morning) and placed them around his bed. He gets cranky if Jovie tries to touch one too. He's a silly boy but such a good boy.

I sometimes feel like it's my responsibility to the educate people about this breed and to help break the stigma for these dogs. We have had people cross the street to avoid them. It breaks my heart because they just want to be friends with everyone and everything. Because of their portrayal in movies, as dogs that will rip your arms off if you look at them sideways, everyone is generally afraid of them. That is, until you get to meet them and see what darling dogs they really are.

High Five for Dogs,

Kristina :)


Averill said...

Too cute! By the way, I love that you didn't clip their ears...much cuter (and much more humane!).

stephanie said...

They are both adorable. I love floppy ears more than anything! =)

Desiree said...

It seems everyone in our neighborhood has a giant dog - you should come over and have a playdate! :-)