Friday, February 13, 2009

Spring is coming a bit early in my house

I love to poke around on Sherry and John's blog over at This Young House . They have so many great decorating ideas and a great DIY section. Gardening and plants are a huge interest of mine. So whenever I see tips or tricks for anything botanical, I'm up for the challenge.

This tutorial uses a flower called "Narcissus" or Paperwhites. You can usually find these bulbs relatively cheap at Walmart around the holidays. I happened to get mine about a month ago for $2.00 for a box of 4. So I decided to get two boxes. She also suggests using river rocks for placement. I always have some sort of rock laying around, so I used rivers rocks and polished stones. Add the stones, bulbs and make sure they have enough water..and here is what you get about 3 weeks later. Oh and they smell divine to boot! Here are mine:

These guys are totally easy and fail-proof. I have even "planted" three Amerillis bulbs on my kitchen counter top that should be waking up any time. Just make sure they have some sort of daylight (obviously not terribly close to a window because they'll lean towards the light).

Happy growing!

Kristina :)