Friday, February 27, 2009

Getting happy with the spray paint!

I have been a busy little bee! I managed to finish my candlesticks and get a few other painting projects done in between. I wanted to share a few random treasures and before/after repaints I was able to get done this week.

First up!

Entryway shelf- I love this little shelf and I also love anything with a monogram. I got this little L at Hobby Lobby a few months back but this shelf needed something more.

Did I mention I love anything monogrammed? After being inspired by John and Sherry's Magazine Monograms sold in their online shop I decided to take it a step further. Why not use our names with their definitions in a frame?

I decided to swing by Goodwill and see if I could find any cheapy frames to paint. $3.00 later...


After about 3 hours of messing around with our letters and our name definitions in Word, I was able to get the results I wanted. Printed them off and away I went!

A couple of coats of black paint...

Total cost of this project is probably under $5.00. Do I love it? It's alright but it's way better than what it was.

Next Up: Itty bitty shelf

This one is pretty self explanatory, so I'll just post the before and after pics. Total shelf price: $2.99!! Yowee!

Gross shelf. Don't mind the dirty dishes


Now, for the moment we've all been waiting for. Let me refresh your memory of my mantel when we started this journey.


Gag me with a spoon!

Drum roll please!!


Not too terrible right? I was able to find two pieces at Hobby Lobby to stick over the mantel. Knowing my husband was completely against leaning anything, I bought a mirror and this metal piece (reminds me of a shield, which is why he probably chose this). I was so surprised when I tried the mirror out how weird it looked and how distracting it was. I was totally banking on this being the better fit of the two. You could see the ceiling fan moving when you sat on the couch and it just looked very out of place. So we decided on the shield. (I ended up keeping the mirror for a guest bedroom).

There you have it. Not much, but it's a start right?

Still Hating that Blasted Fireplace Arch,

Kristina :)


Averill said...

The mantel looks great!

Jennifer said...

The candlesticks turned out great! I love how they are all different. I like the shield too.

Sherry said...

WOW i love your site!

Sherry said...

I added your cute button to my blog roll! :)

Kristina with a K said...

I am so glad you stopped by Sherry! And thanks for spreading the Purple Pea love!