Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ooooo a SECRET!

Remember when you were little and your best friend would whisper a secret in your ear? Or when you'd pinkie swear someone that you would never ever tell and cross your heart hope to die (stick a needle in your eye)? When you know a secret, it can sometimes make you feel special and trusted, or sometimes it's something you'd wish you never knew.

I get these feelings every Monday when I check PostSecret. PostSecret was started by Frank Warren about 3 years ago. He walked around giving self addressed postcards to strangers to write secrets on and send back to him. It has since blown up into something more, I think, then he ever imagined. People from all over the world send him a postcard, anonymously, with their deepest darkest secrets. Some are hopeful while others are bizarre or sad.

He also has a book. I think it would make for a interesting coffee table book no?


Jennifer said...

I love those books! I have all 4 of them. Don't you feel a little better after you read the secrets, or a little worse like you said? But you definitely feel like you're not alone.

Three Joyful Hearts said...

Thanks for posting that! I had not heard of this before. Post Secrets is a really neat website. The books would make a god coffee table read for sure and good conversation starters too.