Friday, March 21, 2008

Tissue Paper Isn't Just for Gifts Anymore!

I am very into faux painting and the transformation it can give a room or just a piece of furniture. I have been on the lookout lately for the *perfect* shower curtain for my half bath down stairs. I finally found it a few days ago at Target.

This is a faux technique that costs very little but makes a huge impact. It's a texture technique with crinkle paper. You know, the stuff you shove in gift bags and shirt boxes before you give a gift?

I have been eyeing this technique for awhile now and was just waiting for the perfect place to do it. The actual application of the paper took no time at all. I used Kitchen/Bath paste (basically wallpaper paste) instead of the paint method in the instructions. I didn't want to permanently have that paper on my walls in case later on I decide to smooth it out. I just applied a thin layer of paste on the wall, crunched up the paper and spread it on the wall.
I have yet to actually paint the walls, but as soon as I have everything done, I'll post here.

Wish me luck.